The Times and Spaces of Right Populism: From Paris to Toronto

Stefan Kipfer, Parastou Saberi


Our focus is on the current manifestations and the historic and geographical formation of the organizations, ideologies, think tanks, intellectuals and governing regimes of political parties that we would characterize as rightwing or authoritarian populist. In France, this is the FN and hard-right populist currents in the UMP and, prior to 2002, its predecessor organization, the Rally for the Republic (Rassemblement pour la République – RPR). In Canada, this is a focus on the Reform Party, right-populist currents in the Progressive Conservative Party, and, after 2003, the new Conservative Party of Canada which united the two. In deploying the language of authoritarian populism, our intention is not to lose sight of the specifically fascist elements one may find within the wider orbit of hard-right populism. Nor is it our goal to echo liberal bourgeois intellectuals and pundits, for whom ‘populism’ can be a convenient term to dismiss left challenges to neoliberal orthodoxies by equating them with fascist or ultra-right forces.

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