The Dilemmas and Potentials of the Left: Learning from Syriza

Andreas Karitzis


Is there any room for manoeuvre towards emancipatory politics in the current global context? It is true that today things are pretty tight when it comes to the implementation of non-neoliberal policies. Especially in Europe, today’s neoliberal configuration is ever harsher towards other political orientations. A huge bureaucratic apparatus of processes and mechanisms, a vast network of regulations, norms, and directives, discards without the need for political argumentation any attempt to follow an alternative economic and social path. It is extremely valuable in this context to specify the exact nature of present-day modes and techniques of power in order to engage with them effectively. And at the same time, we must radically transform our political imagination, which – at least from my experience – is fixed within coordinates that prevent us from accessing the only resource we really have at our disposal: people’s embodied capacities.

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