Anti-Brandt: A Critique of Northwestern Prescriptions for World Order

William Graf


The Brandt report is an important document. Conceptualised as a warning (against an imminent collapse of the world system, if drastic measures are not taken immediately), a diagnosis (of the contemporary problems of international economic relations) and a (long- and short-term) strategy for righting the global order, the Report holds out the goal of a 'new international economic order' based not only on the 'solidarity' and 'humanitarianism' typical of previous Northern 'solutions' to the North- South 'problem', but also upon 'mutual interests', 'comprehensive approaches' and the 'building of a new order'. It aspires to be nothing less than a 'Programme for Survival'. These are very large claims which, if true and if realised, would amount to a permanent and revolutionary reshaping of political and economic relations between states and groups of states on a world scale

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